Structure of the bong

All Bongs consist of necessary parts. Cazoleta is a protuberant accessory where dry flowers are placed for combustion. Sometimes, it is removable. The carburettor is a small hole that allows the smoke chamber. The stem is the small tube that allows the smoke to be transferred from the bowl to the base so that the water filters it. Neck ends in the mouthpiece and is the chamber that fills with smoke after having filtered through the water. Today’s bongs have all sorts of details such as splash guards or ice chambers which are cavities designed to apply ice to the tube and cool the smoke more. You can get all the accessories online in the bong shop.

Structure of the bong


There are many different types of bongs. Some have the traditional appearance of vertical water pipes that are associated with cannabis and others look like hookahs. Also, the most beautiful bongs have several fascinating differentiating aspects, especially those made of glass. In this category, you will also find accessories and spare parts that you may need in case some of the pieces of your pipes or bongs are broken or lost.The Bongs straight tube is the classic style of a bong. This design features a flared base and a long tubular nozzle. These are the simplest and easiest to clean, and they certainly do their job well. Straight tube bongs can also have different types of bases including around and bulbous base, a cup-like base or a straight tube that comes down entirely.

Any bong with two or more cameras is included in this category, and the available products extend up to 7 or more cameras. These bongs filter the smoke several times, resulting in a cleaner, more relaxed and softer puff. They also tend to be more expensive. The bongs percolator is bongs containing a percolator, a filter type which creates a bubbling effect. The glass dissipates the smoke, cools it more effectively and creates a softer blow. The bongs carburettor is any bong which has a small hole near the bowl. The gap, also known as a choke should be covered while the smoke is drawn through the water. Then it is discovered at the end of the puff to allow cold air to enter the lungs. Some bongs also have a removable bowl that fulfils the same function.

Conclusion: the last little tip

The majority of bong that you can find in the marking is known as “classics”, and they are used to smoke tobacco, marihuana or any herbal substance. However, there is also bong to burn cannabis oil.The main difference is that the piece where the material is placed, in one case is a bowl and in the fact of bongs for BHO is a nail on which the oil to be vaporised is put.Most glass bongs have a removable or sliding carburettor that appears when the bowl is removed.